Motivational Speakers

CNLP’s innovative, high-impact techniques quickly generate breakthroughs and transformations. From interactive team workshops to speaking engagements and webinars, CNLP is the catalyst for change – motivating you and your team to push past obstacles, work better together, and solve problems.


Our interactive, in-person and online workshops will help you and your team members better understand and support each others to be more effective at work.
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CNLP coaches are engaging speakers who share insights and experiences that will motivate your attendees to look at their current perspectives and expand their thinking.
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CNLP shares case studies and strategies that illustrate how its brain-based techniques can help your organization achieve next level performance.
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Representative Workshop, Keynote, Webinar Topics:

  • Anchoring For Success – Powerful Tools For Confidence and Motivation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Creating a Winners Mindset
  • Language Skills for Success
  • Building Rapport – General Communications